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■Way of thinking about food, ” the legendary power spot ~ TOKONAGE ~ ”

~ TOKONAGE ~ is a basic life style of self-sufficiency. Basic safe food lifestyle. Produce good food. The agricultural development of natural and organic farming are important for the safe and secure diet of local production for local consumption.

Organic and Natural Farming

The natural farming takes into consideration the health of the people, the global environment and ecosystem before proposing the experience to people outside of the region as well as the delivery of the new style farming life to residents.
The new style “Eco-Green House*” with its greenhouse-type of agricultural cultivation is the nucleus of the farm.

*Refer to Eco-Green House. Click Here.

One Day Farming Experience/Overnight Stay Farming Experience/Green Tourism

Why not experience life in a healthy, natural farming environment away from day to day life? Let’s happily eat fresh harvested crops in barbecues and hot pot dishes. Participants can choose from one day or overnight farming experiences.
In addition, there is green tourism, Kameoka’s rustic natural landscape with friendships with local residents in FUINDOHON, attractions and historical sites of legends.

Abandoned Farmland and Utilization of Woodlands

As a way to take advantage of satoyama and abandoned farmland, use of natural products, such as the “leaf business,” and sake rice making with the natural water sources from the blessed region, have been implemented.
Making use of the wasteland by having accommodations, dining facilities, green tourism and trailer houses but maintaining the natural landscape.

■ “leaf business” of Tokushima Prefecture Kamikatsu.
(It is only Japanese.)

Horseback riding and other farm animals in their natural environment.

Let’s spend time with animals in their natural environment in Hiedano, Kameoka. See other farm animals such as horses and chickens. Interacting with animals and enjoying horseback riding with a cute pony. You can casually try horseback riding for beginners.