ecohouseReproduce ECO House

■What is the Recycled Eco houses?

Recycled Eco houses are old or abandoned houses that have been remodelled with the latest ecological technology. Taking advantage of the old houses that are in harmony with the local environment, comfortable homes make good use of the natural energy. In addition, the renovations take advantage of the wood and thinning materials from the region.

■The Basic Environment of Recycled Eco Houses

Recycled Eco house renovations establish a living environment taking advantage of the latest ecological technology that is friendly to local residents. These points are as follows.

③Solar Shading
④Solar transmission
⑤Heat storage
⑧Natural materials

We aim for a lifestyle that maximizes the use of natural energy and does not rely on fossil fuel.
ased on the characteristics of the region, the technology will take advantage of the temperature difference, solar, solar thermal, wind, geothermal heat, water and biomass.We aim to build a house in harmony with the local environment.

■How to take advantage of the regeneration type ECO House

・The green tourism participants who participate in the organic and natural farming can take advantage of the accommodations.
・~TOKONAGE~ users can also take advantage of the accommodations.
・~TOKONAGE~ users will be able to take advantage of rental housing.

■Take advantage of the next-generation clean energy in eco-housing, farming, etc.

It supplies the power to the regional in-house power generator of the next-generation clean energy that is environmentally conscious. The power generation method will use a cogging-less motor and a new generation type of power storage to produce free energy and produce an efficient and stable power supply and have enough for reserve power. In addition, excess energy produced will be sold to the outside.