greenhouseEco Green House

■Ecology House that efficiently uses natural energy from the sun and wind.

There is good structure with respect to heat and light because the eco-green house maximizes the forces of nature by using the latest technology of energy conservation in the ecology.

■Thermal insulation effect of the multi-layer roof panel

■Multi-layer film however a bright room

■Characteristics of the Eco-Green House

①“Cool in summer, warm in winter.”

It has an excellent temperature adjustment effect, while receiving the blessing go the sun to achieve an energy-efficient crop growth environment.

②“Amount of light in the house is up!”

The east and west side of the house receives a lot of natural light and the roof panel distributes the light uniformly with its light scattering film. The gutter even has less shade being made of transparent polycarbonate.

③“The heater number is reduced to two-thirds! Heating costs are about half!”

On sunny, winter days, the night temperature is 12 ℃ and 25 ℃ in the morning if the house temperature setting is 23 ℃ in the afternoon. Therefore, it is necessary for the required utilization rate of the warming machine to be (87KW) (the occupancy rate) in a simulation on an hourly basis based on a numeric value, such as the following.

●The source:Various data mentioned above are quotation from “Organic nico Co.,Ltd.”.
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