ecovillageEco Village

■From Rokuya in Kameoka, we will disseminate the “power spot of a legend” “eco village” to the world!

There are four elements important to the sustainable life in the design of the Eco-Village.
They are the environmental, social, economical and world perspective.
You will learn through experience, including the behaviour of these four elements along with knowledge.
It is the goal of the community project “the legendary power spot ~ TOKONAGE ~ “.

  • EnvironmentDeveloping a regional environment that organizes a circular type of life.

  • EconomyConstruction of an economic system that can be sustainable and self-reliance based on the ecology.

  • CommunityBuilding a community with mutual understanding and diversity.

  • World PerspectiveA world as a shared spirit that starts from “Awareness consciousness.”

An education system model that has been submitted as “Gaia education” and recognized by the United Nations.
In the following video, we will introduce some of those ideas.

■Deployment plan(Preparatory draft)

Eco-Village, invitation to Kameoka.
~Why do FUINDOHON in Kameoka~Download it from here.(PDF 709KB)