localproduceProducts To Distribution

■Organic fresh produce “local production for local consumption”

As ~ TOKONAGE ~ is based on the “local production for local consumption”, making agricultural products and selling them directly through regional sales offices, tourism facilities, other sales offices and the like.
Branded agricultural products as “Kyoyasai,” are produced in the region for consumption and is responsible for further distribution to the outside. Safe and secure agricultural products ties farmers and consumers together.

<In distribution, food preservation equipment
is used to keep freshness “Sunkeep”>

Taking advantage of technology, “Sunkeep” can keep food longer in an electric field (EC:Electric Field Charger) for long-term storage in a fresh state.


■The development of special products

To develop specialty products utilizing organic produce harvested in ~ TOKONAGE ~ and livestock products made for sale.

・Organic Jam, Organic Bread, Organic Pie, etc.
・Organic Dry-vegetable
・Regionality in sake “TOKONAGE”
・Special smoke products
 (Smoked cheese, Smoked Chicken, Chicken breast Smoke, Smoked egg, etc.)

Regionality in sake “TOKONAGE”

Pumpkin Jam

■Future Developments

The use of organic agricultural products and livestock products at the “Farmer’s Restaurant.
”To attract customers and take advantage of the characteristics of the region.
To attract people to the “sea of clouds terrace” business and use the “sea of clouds” phenomenon that is uniquely Kameoka. The installation of shops, accommodation facilities and the movement of the relatively simple “trailer house.”

Farmer’s Restaurant

Sea of clouds(UNKAI)
in Kameoka

■Sea of clouds terrace ”Hoshino-Resorts Tomamu・Unkai Terrace”(Play time 4:13)

(It is Only Japanese.)